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Six Quick Cheap Ways to Spruce up your Home During Quarantine

How long can you stare at the same wall?

If you’ve become sick of looking at the same four walls, I’ve got some suggestions to switch it up without breaking your bank (I know exactly how much food you are ordering out and yes, I am judging you).

1) Rearrange your furniture – If you’re truly bored, start by drawing out your room, to scale, and measure each item you are wanting in your space. Map all this out and then experiment with moving things around. If you want to do this online, the below link is helpful.

2) Get a couch cover – The color of your couch can really change the feel of the main room. If you typically have a modern cool color aesthetic a bright red couch might change the entire feel of your space. If you’re not feeling that adventurous buy a cover in the same color family as your current couch and add colorful accents (a throw pillow and bright flowers are a nice touch).

3) Paint the interior/exterior doors a different color – If you are changing the color pallet of your home, this is a beautiful accent idea; it’s extremely cheap and it makes a room pop.

4) Get some plants – Yes, you might kill them; that’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. Get some plants; learning to care for them will give you something to do and it is well known that caring for an animal or a plant improves mood. So, don the mask and head to Lowes.

5) Increase your lighting – No, I do not mean overhead florescent lighting. Overhead florescent lighting was given to us by Satan and should never be used. If you have a more modern set up, use a brighter light and place these lights (provided theses are lamps) at unusual angles. If your setup is rustic incorporate a softer light (accent lamps with dramatic colors are my favorite). String lights are also a cheap way to make a room feel festive.

6) Buy a book shelve – You can do this relatively cheap if you utilize the resale shops or look on Marketplace (this way you can avoid the frustration of putting it together). I personally am too afraid of bugs to buy used, but not everyone is so paranoid. Only about half of the book shelve should house books; you’ll want to fill those empty spaces with accent pieces, knickknacks, and family photos…and maybe some pictures that remind you what the outside looks like.

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