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Contractor Spotlight | Skylight Specialists, Inc

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Here at Rosenberg Renovations, we believe that collaboration is the new competition and every so often we like to highlight a contractor we work with. So, this week we are highlighting our skylight installers: Skylight Specialists, Inc.

Skylight Specialists are a family owned and operated skylight company based in Littleton, Colorado. They repair, replace, and install residential and commercial skylights. Additionally, they offer detailed inspections, in-depth consultations, and educated advice.

With the support of a thoroughly trained and highly skilled crew of in-house technicians, they have special teams of experts dedicated to both commercial and residential divisions.

They offer an extensive choice of products from an established network of industry leading manufacturer’s such as Velux and CPI Daylighting.

Since 1980, Skylight Specialists, Inc. has been redefining “living space” and bringing light to their, and our, customers lives.

We also really appreciate the gluten free, soy free, and dairy free snacks they bring (yes, we are ‘those’ people here at Rosenberg Renovations – we make no apologies, but we probably should).

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